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Are YOU creative? – Results of our survey tracking creativity


In the beginning of the project Thinking outside of the box we were curious – what is creativity anyways… Moreover, what individuals think about creativity? That’s why we have launched a survey which aimed to map ‘our’ relation towards creativity, our creative self.
The questionnaire contained questions like “what do you think creativity is”, “what was the last time you’ve been creative and what did you do”, “what colors, shapes, scents symbolizes creativity”, “what circumstances awake your creativity”, statements to be rated linked to creativity, etc. The questionnaire was launched in all 6 partner countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary and Spain – in each language. On our 1st meeting we analyzed the results of the survey – although it is not representative, interesting outcomes can be observed.

As one of us have mentioned during the meeting there were so many similarities in the surveys from each country. What we was able to catch generally is those who answered the questionnaire think creativity is something special, new, an ability, which can be used and helpful everywhere – arts, work and the everyday routine. When they feel themselves creative they feel brighter, limitless, happier, worthier, stronger, able to do anything, in the flow, successful and open-minded. Due to respondents creativity is free-thinking; do their thing, something other and something new, sometimes strange linking. A mental state of mind to solve something – a problem, reach an unforeseen opportunity, find valuable solutions which make our lives easier, quicker or just more joyful.

On the opposite they all pair very negative statements with being out of creativity. When they are not creative they feel stuck, sad, framed, inflexible, boring, only following the routines, tired, lazy, unable to do anything valuable, can’t find solutions, and feel hard to deal with even the everyday tasks.

As mentioned above respondents think creativity can be used everywhere, though they doesn’t necessarily think everybody’s creative. As they referred, there are people whom especially, more creative and they really respect and admire them. They like to be in their company also finding them / their work inspiring.

Another interesting segment of the questionnaire was the part where colors, shapes, smells and sounds connected to creativity by respondants, also circumstances which awake their creativity. That was the part where differences started to occur in behaviors from different countries. In Middle- and Southern-European countries respondents attached warm colors to creativity  (orange, yellow, red), while in Northern countries cold colors had higher scores (blue, yellow, green, white). The most common color in sum is ‘rainbow’ 🙂 .
The circumstances that awake one’s creativity brought the most divergent outcomes:

  • Music – silence – ocean breeze – high tunes (tweets, little bells).
  • Deadlock, challenge, problem to solve
  • Nordic countries: nature, peaceful environment, cold winter nights, being alone, feeling safe and that s/he doing the right thing.
  • Middle and Southern countries: freedom, supporting environment, new challenges and situations.
visual of the rated statements

You can enlarge the image by clicking on it

Our favourites

“Creativity adds speed to action. See the opportunity where the others see the obstacle.”

“Creativity is a feeling, a power, a desire for diversity. For change. Power for not to give up.”

“Creativity is a box of crayons – with many-many colors.”

“Creativity is turning the world upside down.”

“For me creativity is a skill, opportunity and will to create, to step out of my comfort zone, to let my spirit free and not to be restricted by rules or prescriptions.”

“When I’m creative, I’m fully in my inner world. I am there, I am alive and complete. New and old me and even more myself”.hen I’m creative, I’m fully in my inner world. I am there, I am alive and complete. New and old me and even more myself”.


2 thoughts on “Are YOU creative? – Results of our survey tracking creativity

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    What circumstances awake your creativity?

  2. Amazing results but not really surprising. I´m looking forward to the next outcomes…

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