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Are you a left or a right-brainer?

I just found this fun test which will tell you which part of your brain drives you… 🙂

Just click the link below and have fun!

What Is Your Dominant Brain, Your Creative Or Logical Side?


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10 Things Creative People Do Differently Without Even Thinking About It


Just found this “10 of” article about how creatives have a different line of thinking;

most of them evem arised on this blog before…

But I wonder: do you recognize some of these ways of thinking in you?

Some of them certainly should be tried…

#1 They work, but when work comes to them. 

They only feel like expressing their creative sides on their own terms, not at the request of other people.

#2 They’re not likely to have a “normal” job. 

But what is normal anyway? Often times creative people feel like normal jobs hamper their ability to grow and develop, as well as express themselves.

#3 They’re inspired by many different things. 

Creative people find inspiration even in the little things. They see the world as a canvas and find inspiration in unlikely places.

#4 They tend to question everything. 

Even if you aren’t creative, this is a good trait to have. Creative people keep highly active imaginations and often wonder about things big and small.

#5 They’re not afraid of failure. 

Everyone fails sometimes, and they know that. But you only truly lose if you don’t get back on the horse.

#6 They tend to be very independent. 

They’re not fans of being told what to do or when to do it. See #2. They work well alone and walk their own path.

#7 They know the pros and cons of risk taking. 

And they often take risks regardless. They love trying new things and feel like uncomfortable, if dangerous situations make them more alive and expands their horizons.

#8 They use painful situations to fuel their passion. 

When hurt by someone or some situation, creative people tend to use it to fuel their creative passions and build on it with new energy.

#9 They want for constant self-development. 

By developing themselves, they develop their creative outlet, whatever it may be.

#10 They’re not afraid to let their minds wander. 

By daydreaming, they let their imaginations run a little bit wild. No need to question it. It brings in new ideas, helps think about old problems and concepts a little differently, and at the end of it, they may be lead toward more profound conclusions.

10 Things Creative People Do Differently Without Even Thinking About It from Higher Prespective